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Repix LLC was founded on the principles that make outsourcing development successful. Our vision is to provide your company with a turn-key, expert managed, outsourced resource solution for off-shoring software projects resulting in the highest degree of success and quality. Contact us below or at

The experience and methodology Repix Software brings in all phases of resource management sets us apart from other project management firms. We provide an expert run, turn-key solution for managing offshore software projects, reducing labor cost while optimizing use of world time zones.

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  How Repix LLC can help you execute on your projects













  • Use proper scoping techniques for division of labor

  • Hand picking engineering teams based on expertise level and experience related to your project

  • Apply cultural understanding in communication with offshore engineering teams

  • Daily active technical involvement directly with engineers

  • Use state of the art video conferencing with engineering teams and team leads


Repix provides the engineering team and expertly manages the project so you have a single point of contact and a turn-key solution to get a project done quickly, at the lowest cost.

We hire and work with the largest resource pools in India, and have established, personal relationships with developers and their management.

Top 10 Mistakes in Using Offshore Teams
 (that Repix doesn't make)

  • Improper or loose scoping on division of tasks

  • Lack of cultural understanding in communication

  • Project hand-off and expectations things are being done right

  • Lack of comprehensive technical understanding from managers

  • Absent or incomplete pre-review of your existing architectures

  • Over experienced or under experienced team members

  • Lack of documentation and coding style enforcement

  • Low quality deliveries due to lack of developer unit testing

  • Not understanding the true cost of establishing a corporate presence in a foreign country (province taxes, other restrictions)

  • Not setting team performance goals (CPU uage, memory footprint, code size)






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